For many years, one of the most popular cables for the connection and communication of devices has been the humble Telephone Cable.  Being manufactured with Twisted Pairs, the paired cores provide interference resistance and are colour coded.

Another extremely common Communication Cable, is the Coaxial Cable. Coaxial Cables have a woven shield and are used to transmit telecommunications, audio, video, LAN, and television networks over distance.

With markets increasing within the audio industry, an increased need for quality sound and communication between speakers and amplifiers has become very relevant of late with Electra manufacturing a specified Speaker Cable range.

Electra manufactures a full range of Communication Cables. Indoor and Outdoor Telephone Cables, Coaxial Cables, and Speaker Cables have all been independently tested and distributed nationally, along with internationally successfully.

Electra’s Communications ranges are 100% Greenstar Certified and 100% Warranted under Australian / New Zealand Standards. With Electra’s manufacture quality and unrivalled service, Electra brings a superior range of Communication Cables to market that have been installed in many prestigious structures around the world.