Data cables are used specifically for the transmission of information between multiple destinations.  They are used extensively in telecommunication and computer platforms, establishing connections throughout networks.

Data Cable hosts the obvious benefits of enabling various devices to communicate with one another within a central infrastructure, ensuring the seamless transfer of information from one point to another and back again.

Electra manufactures a full range of Data Cables. RS Screened Data, Category 5 Enhanced, Category 5 Enhanced Screened, and Category 6 Cables have all been independently tested and distributed nationally, along with internationally successfully.

Electra’s Data Cable range are 100% Greenstar Certified and 100% Warranted under Australian / New Zealand Standards. With Electra’s manufacture quality and unrivalled service, Electra brings a superior range of Data Cables to market that have been installed in many prestigious structures around the world.

Data Sheets (PDF)

Cat.5e / Cat.5eSCR

Cat.6 / Cat.6A

UTP Outdoor

Screened Data