When consulting the choice of cables for a project or application, non-essential wiring choices alike PVC/PVC and XLPE/PVC are the norm. Additions such as steel wire armouring or metal conduits are also common. These cables supply adequate electrical and mechanical properties when manufactured according to the relevant standards and quality systems. Smoke generation, halogens, toxicity and flame itself, all condition what is now available for situations to aid populated workspace safety.

Whilst we are all aware of the above, rarely do we think of the kilometres of hidden electrical cables, and many tonnes of plastic polymers, making insulation and sheathing one of the largest fuel sources and fire loads in any building.

Ever since Arnold Francois Borel patented his design for a combination of pulverised glass, siliceous rocks and/or asbestos as a dielectric in 1896, much development work has been done to produce the product we know today as Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath (MIMS) cable. In 1932, commercial production implemented a need for higher safety requirements on ships and oil tankers along with critical installations (i.e. the Louvre Museum).

These days, such cables are used to keep lights running, air-conditioners working and lifts operational. Fire related cables sustain emergency lighting systems, telephone and communication with the outer world, fire alarms, emergency voice comms, CCTV, smoke shutters, fire sprinkler pumps, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire door closers and many more components of project management within a building.

Electra Cables is proud of its Electrafire® cable range that has truly developed over the decades to being one of the most sought-after fire cables currently in the Pacific Region. Consisting of independently certified WS52W, 2 hour, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), Flexible, 110° fire rated product lines, through to Fire Control, VSD/EMC and Shielded applications, Electra has it covered.

For over 40 years, Electra Cables has been manufacturing cables that are called for under AS/NZS Standards and are rigorously independently tested for ultimate performance. 100% of Electra’s Electrafire® Cables are 100% Greenstar Certified, with Greenstar Certification being Australia’s only rating system for environmental practices within the building and construction sector.

Electra Cables is one of the largest, if not the largest, stockist of cable in Australasia.