Control cables originated around 1959 and have increased with demand and technology ever since.  The control cable is referred also as a communication cable. It is used to connect various equipment and devices, allowing the transfer of data between machines and systems. These cables are designed to carry low-voltage electrical signals and often employ multiple conductors in a single shield. Transforming signals is done through the wire and is typically used in industrial automation and consumer electronics.

Control cables are also known for their flexibility, durability, and resistance to noise interference. The insulation of these cables made from XLPE or PVC, or other materials gives them excellent flexibility and an ability to withstand harsh environments.

For over 40 years, Electra Cables has been manufacturing cables that are called for under AS/NZS Standards and are rigorously independently tested for ultimate performance. 100% of Electra’s Control Cables range are 100% Greenstar Certified, with Greenstar Certification being Australia’s only rating system for environmental practices within the building and construction sector.

Electra Cables is one of the largest, if not the largest, stockist of cable in Australasia.

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