Used in control circuits associated with both domestic and commercial security systems, Electra’s Security Cable range has been installed in many applications including detection, monitoring, audio, and access control projects.

With the home security system market expanding rapidly domestically and commercially, Electra’s Security Cable is commonly installed for the connection of security alarms, doors and motion sensors to the control panel. Audio performance is of extreme importance for audible warning systems and their applications also. Electra’s Speaker Cable range hosts a solution with an increased need for quality sound and communication between speakers and amplifiers for security systems and alike.

With Multi-core rigid and Flexible Security Cables, a full range of Figure 8 Cables, and high-quality dedicated Speaker Cables, Electra has you covered.  Electra’ full security range have all been independently tested and distributed nationally, along with internationally successfully.

Electra’s Security Cable range is both 100% Greenstar Certified and 100% Warranted under Australian / New Zealand Standards. With Electra’s manufacture quality and unrivalled service, Electra brings a superior range of Security Cables to market that have been installed in many prestigious structures around the world.