Flexible Copper


Copper flexible cables are commonly used to connect portable equipment and appliances. Their flexibility allows them to withstand the movements or vibrations present in a particular application. This type of cable also serves as a crucial element in panel boards and electric motors along with DC power transformers as well.  Flexible Copper Cables are especially designed to cope with the tight bending radii and physical stress associated with motion control applications.

Copper Cables are grouped/classed according to their flexibility.  Those in classes 1 and 2 are intended for use in cables for fixed installations. On the other hand, those in classes 5 and 6 are intended for use in flexible cables and cords but may also be used for fixed installations.

Class 1 – Not as flexible (a single round wire)

Class 2 – Flexible – 7, 19, 37, 61, or 127 copper strands are commonly used

Class 5 – Very Flexible

Class 6 – Extremely Flexible

For over 40 years, Electra Cables has been manufacturing cables that are called for under AS/NZS Standards and are rigorously independently tested for ultimate performance. Electra’s Power Cables are Greenstar Certified, with Greenstar Certification being Australia’s only rating system for environmental practices within the building and construction sector.

Electra Cables is one of the largest, if not the largest, stockist of cable in Australasia.

Data Sheets (PDF)

FVT Flex Building Wires

CFV Flex Earths

CFV Flex Earths LSZH

Flex. Ordinary Duty

Flex. Heavy Duty

Flex. XLPE

Flex. O/Circ.

FLS 110° Superflex