Alarm and Control


The wiring infrastructure of Alarm Systems these days has become incrementally more complex. Mass notification networks connecting a series of devices is certainly not uncommon.  Intercommunications along with strobe lights, buzzers, horns and alike are commonplace. With conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, the primary goal is to evacuate the premises.

Fire Control and Alarm Cables serve a different purpose than Power and Industrial Fire Cables. Buildings these days are being designed with intelligent interactive systems. Demands see a growing need for coordination of building systems. With Fire Panels and detector connection, Fire Control Cables form a complex narration to modern installations.

Electra Cables is proud of its Electrafire® cable range that has truly developed over the decades to being one of the most sought-after fire cables currently in the Pacific Region. Consisting of independently certified WS52W, 2 hour, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), 110°, and Fire Control product lines, Electra has it covered.

For over 40 years, Electra Cables has been manufacturing cables that are called for under AS/NZS Standards and are rigorously independently tested for ultimate performance. 100% of Electra’s Electrafire® Cables are 100% Greenstar Certified, with Greenstar Certification being Australia’s only rating system for environmental practices within the building and construction sector.

Electra Cables is one of the largest, if not the largest, stockist of cable in Australasia.

Data Sheets (PDF)

Fire Alarm TPS (LV & ELV)

Fire Alarm 450/750V & 0.6/1kV